Safety Management Made Simple

Outsourced Safety Program Management

If you are interested in keeping your workforce safe and your company compliant while continuing to operate efficiently, we are here to help. For nearly 30 years the team of experts at Safety Plus have been providing the people, operational processes, and the technological tools needed to maintain effective, sustainable safety programs. Whether your business is small and you need help getting a safety operation started, or large enough for you to need corporate safety oversight and continuity, we can work with you to customize a program to meet your needs – all for far less than the cost of an additional employee.

We Help Companies Around the Country That…
  • Struggle to meet their clients’ and/or insurer’s expectations of their safety operations
  • Are dealing with a regulatory agency investigation (OSHA audit) or are afraid of what might happen if one were to occur
  • Want to maintain the continuity of their safety operations even after the departure of an employed safety professional
  • Have a desire to keep their workers safe while keeping their operations productive
Our Safety Programs Are…
  • Customized to meet each client’s individual needs and risk profile
  • Scalable with regards to geography and employee count
  • Built on SafetyPlusWeb, our proprietary safety management software system
  • Comprehensively designed to meet the regulatory compliance standards set by OSHA, the DOT, MSHA, and the EPA, as well as customers when applicable.
  • Affordable for companies of any size

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The Six Key Elements of an Effective Safety Program

We create and maintain safety operations for clients in accord with six key elements of effective safety programs.

Train and Educate the Workforce

Employee training and its thorough documentation are critical. The Virtual Safety Management Program combines instructor-led training completed by Safety Plus, the company, and/or outside providers as well as computer-based training including over 70 online video training modules. Additionally, routine safety meetings with electronic signatures are integral and are thoroughly tracked within SafetyPlusWeb. We will establish training requirements based on occupational exposure, ensuring that man-hours are conserved by only training workers in what they actually need.

Hazard Identification and Correction

Creating and maintaining a systematic approach to hazard identification and proactive correction is critical. With the Virtual Safety Management Program, our team will build, implement, participate in, and routinely monitor your safety auditing program. SafetyPlusWeb provides the safety auditing tools required to have front-line supervisors check work areas for issues. The safety professionals at Safety Plus check the results, as a Corporate Safety Director would, trend the resulting issues, and report back to management on legitimate areas of concern. When necessary, a Safety Plus representative will conduct a thorough audit in person. Additionally, and critically, identified issues will be proactively mitigated to keep workers safe and the company insulated from liability.

Established Policies and Compliance Procedures

Safety policies are a requirement, and you can leave it to the professionals at Safety Plus to create and maintain yours. Additionally, safety policies should be minimalist only stating working protocols that are actually met by the Company. We will work with you to ensure that not only are your workplace safety policies in place, but that if you also require client-specific policies, a DOT or EPA compliance program & policies, or have specific concern with your insurer, you are taken care of at all times.

Accident Investigation

As diligently as we may work to prevent them, accidents can occur from time to time. We will work with you to establish proper accident investigation procedures and protocols. Any major incidents and resulting tasks will be handled by the experts at Safety Plus who can also work with your insurer on claims management. Further, our team will update your SafetyPlusWeb account with all reported recordable and non-recordable injuries, trend the data, provide reports, and post your annual OSHA logs.

Goals and Measurement

We will work with your to define goals for your safety program that work within your risk tolerance and productivity expectations. SafetyPlusWeb utilizes Advanced Dashboard Analytics allowing our professionals to trend leading and lagging indicators. We provide corporate reports to clients based on the data that is generated, always working to reduce incidents and to maintain appropriate levels of compliance.

Executive Management Commitment

Safety programs simply do not function without the commitment of Executive Management. In the Virtual Safety Management Program, the team at Safety Plus works in partnership with the company’s Executives who ultimately maintain the responsibility for providing a safe workplace for their employees.

Watch the recorded "Six Key Elements" presentation made by our Senior Safety Professionals

The Virtual Safety Management Program Comes with SafetyPlusWeb

SafetyPlusWeb™ comes pre-loaded with over 60 safety training videos and tests in both English and Spanish. Employees can train remotely and on their own from any device, or participate in group safety trainings with printed tests, or do both. The choice is yours. With SafetyPlusWeb’s extensive Training Library and the ability to add your own training videos and content, you will be able to train your employees anytime you need in order to keep them safe and compliant.

SafetyPlusWeb Safety Training

SafetyPlusWeb allows you to assign training and other employment requirements to your employees. Training courses and other requirements are intelligently grouped together based on job types and locations so that you can easily assign them to employees. You will be able to print certificates for completed training as well as quickly identify missing, expired, and soon-to-expire training, site requirements, documentation, and more so that you are always ahead of the game.

SafetyPlusWeb Dynamic Assignments

SafetyPlusWeb has the tools you need to identify, correct, and document hazards on your job sites and in your facilities. Use the app to log potential issues directly into SafetyPlusWeb on your mobile device while working from the field or fill out your own records and enter the details when you’re back in the office. Upload any documents, forms, or photos and assign supervisors and corrective actions as necessary. Receive automated email notifications regarding open inspections and drive analytics on items that have yet to be addressed. With SafetyPlusWeb, you will be able to stay compliant, keep your employees safe, and solve problems before they occur.

SafetyPlusWeb Audits and Inspections

No one likes dealing with Incidents, but SafetyPlusWeb makes it as simple as possible to log all the necessary details of your workplace mishaps and organizes the information for easy follow up. Record injuries, near misses, vehicle incidents, and general liability claims and include information such as the employee involved, the area and location, injury details, cost paid, results, photos, paperwork, corrective actions, and more. Drive analytics to target problem areas and generate your OSHA logs directly from the system.

SafetyPlusWeb Incident Management

SafetyPlusWeb comes pre-loaded with 200+ Toolbox Talks, 80+ Safety policies, State and Federal Posters, JSAs, DOT compliance forms, HR documents and policies, and more. These resources are provided to you in editable formats, allowing you to customize them with your brand name, logo, and other company-specific information. Give your entire safety management team access to your online Safety Resource Library so they can access important safety documents no matter where they are.

SafetyPlusWeb Resource Library

Seamlessly manage DOT certifications and requirements with SafetyPlusWeb. Track Drug Tests, Drivers Licenses, Certificates of Compliance and Violations, Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs), Road Tests, and more. Quickly segregate DOT drivers from other employees for quick reporting and analytics.

SafetyPlusWeb DOT Management

SafetyPlusWeb is a comprehensive safety management solution. Whether you are a small company without a dedicated safety manager, a mid-sized firm with a Safety Director, or a larger company with a full safety department, SafetyPlusWeb offers you the support, organization, and resources you need to keep your team safe, your company compliant, and your costs low.