The SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ Advantage

Legacy contractor management systems charge the owner client AND their contractors. SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ is offered free to Owner Clients* and is affordable for contractors. *minimum 20 contractors

Features: SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ vs. Legacy Systems

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ offers a variety of solutions to help manage your contractor portfolio. From simple contractor surveys and evaluation (SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ) to proprietary Contractor Scoring and Individual Contractor Employee Vetting (+Site Tracker Program), Safety Plus offers unique flexibility and unparalleled service.
If it is simple you want, we can do that. If you’re looking to inspire a more serious and ongoing commitment to safety, Safety Plus can set your contractors up with SafetyPlusWeb™ to arm them with the tools necessary to properly manage their own safety programs. All of this is available for less than the cost of the legacy systems.

Take Contractor Qualification to the Next Level

Qualifying your contractors before their employees are approved to enter your jobsite is an important first step. For Clients that are looking for a more thorough contractor management program, the CQ +Site Tracker upgrade allows you to qualify each individual employee to step foot on your site.

Macro Vetting: Qualify the Companies

Submissions are reviewed and validated before Contractors are approved, ensuring current compliance for all companies on site.

Micro Vetting: Qualify the Individual Workers

Companies don’t get hurt, employees do. Keep them safe & compliant with SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ + Site Tracker

SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ vets contractors according to your own custom standards determined during implementation. Start with the standard questionnaire and add your own questions, document requirements, insurance requirements, and more. Require information from all contracting companies or according to tiered systems that differentiate between contractors, suppliers, and vendors based on risk.

contractor management badge with a training record QR code

Unique Site Tracker QR codes for each employee can be added to badges or hardhat stickers, allowing customers to check contractor employee compliance in real time. Simply scan the QR code on any mobile device or tablet to generate a report on training history and current employee compliance. Eliminate the risk of unqualified employees performing hazardous tasks. Scan the QR code on the card above with your iPhone camera or QR App to see a “Live” training and compliance report for our demo employee, William Stockman.

What Upgrading Means To You

By arming each contractor with a SafetyPlusWeb™ program, Owners are able to require badged entry and exit, review individual employee qualifications and training history, and generate reports for time spent on the jobsite.

Employee Entry Approved

Add an entry station and require contractor employees to scan in upon arrival. Only employees with basic requirements will be allowed on your jobsite.

Scan me to see a real live compliance report2

Live Training/Compliance Status

Beyond the entrance, you will be able to scan individual employees for job-task specific requirements. See someone operating a forklift or crane? Scan their QR code to ensure training is up to date.

Employee Entry Rejected

Employees with missing or expired requirements will be turned away at the entrance and informed what requirements require updating before entrance will be admitted.

See how SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ can transform your Contractor Management Program