Safety management software made simple.

SafetyPlusWeb™ is a comprehensive safety management software used by hundreds of companies to manage and support their safety operations. By selecting the +Site Tracker module of SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ, all contractors are given access to SafetyPlusWeb™ and can use the program to stream online training videos, track employee training and other compliance requirements, perform safety audits, hold safety meetings, and analyze lagging and leading safety indicators within their own safety programs. By arming them with this tool, you are enhancing safety on your work site and for the contracting company more generally.

Training Library

SafetyPlusWeb comes pre-loaded with over 70 safety training videos and tests in both English and Spanish. With SafetyPlusWeb’s extensive Training Library and the ability to add your own training videos and content, you will be able to train your employees anytime in order to keep them safe and compliant.

Mobile Audits Checklists

Use the inspection checklist app on your mobile device while working from the field to log potential issues directly into SafetyPlusWeb or fill out your own records and enter the details when you’re back in the office. Upload any documents, forms, or photos and assign supervisors and corrective actions as necessary. Receive automated email notifications regarding open inspections and drive analytics on items that have yet to be addressed.

Advanced Analytics

Identify trends in your safety program and proactively manage safety to avoid future hazards. With well over 100 different metrics, users are able to make informed decisions based on aggregated data to keep facilities and employees safe.

Requirements Tracking

SafetyPlusWeb allows you to assign training and other requirements to your employees. Requirements are intelligently grouped together based on job types and locations so that you can easily assign the appropriate compliance items. Print certificates for completed training as well as quickly identify missing, expired, and soon-to-expire training, site requirements, documentation, and more.

Electronic Signatures

SafetyPlusWeb’s Electronic Signature module allows users to capture employee signatures, email attendance reports, photograph attendees present, and automatically syncs with SafetyPlusWeb profiles for easy, paperless, record keeping. As a bonus, over 1000 resource files are included for use as well!

Incidents & OSHA Logs

Report, analyze, and ultimately prevent injuries and other incidents at your company. Upload any documents, forms, or photos and assign supervisors and corrective actions as necessary. Receive automated email notifications regarding open incidents and identify trends with advanced analytics. Generate your OSHA Logs automatically and decide what will be recorded.

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Why SafetyPlusWeb™?

Whether you are a business owner, manager, supervisor, or safety director, you have more things to do than time in the day to get them done. Loss control activities (safety, training, environmental, DOT, etc.) can often slip through the cracks, even for safety professionals, due to the tremendous amount of administrative effort that goes into maintaining compliance. We created SafetyPlusWeb™ to help you manage your safety program proactively and to save you time and money in the process. SafetyPlusWeb™ is the most affordable, user-friendly, comprehensive safety management system available.

Built by Safety Experts

One of the many unique aspects of SafetyPlusWeb is that it was built by a team of professional safety consultants at Safety Plus Inc. All of the training videos, resource documents, components of the system, and logic behind its workings have been designed in house to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. We use the system internally every single day to manage safety for well over 100 companies that entrust their safety operations to us, and as a SafetyPlusWeb software user, you will undoubtedly see that reflected in the system.

The SafetyPlusWeb Difference

So what makes SafetyPlusWeb truly unique? It’s simple – SafetyPlusWeb is the only safety management system available today that offers the full suite of technical functionality, along with actual safety content, in a user friendly package, for prices that companies of any size can afford.

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