Safety Plus has completely reimagined Contractor Qualification. Whether an Owner Client has hundreds of contractors or just a few, SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ empowers them to pre-qualify contractors with custom questionnaires, document uploads, and administrative reviews. For Owner Clients that require more, the CQ + SiteTracker Program allows facilities to stream training video content, verify individual employee qualifications, and monitor a contractor’s ongoing commitment to safety. Unlike most Contractor Management systems, SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ was designed to provide value for both Owner Clients and Contractors, while remaining an affordable resource for both.

Why SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ?

From start to finish, SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ offers an unparalleled contractor qualification experience. Build your contractor questionnaire with a Safety Plus safety expert, identifying desired answers to critical questions, designating different tiers of contractors and vendors, and determining processes for review, approval, rejection, and variance management.
Customized Risk-Based Surveys

Start with Safety Plus’s proprietary templates for contractor surveys and finish with custom questions to gather the info YOU need to vet your contractors based on their levels of risk and exposure.
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Affordable for All Parties

While legacy contractor management systems charge hefty fees to Owner Clients and to their contractors, SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ is extremely affordable for all parties involved.
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Ease of Use

The SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ Questionnaire interface is easy to navigate, allowing contractors to quickly answer questions, upload OSHA logs and insurance documentation, and verify safety information in one sitting, saving all parties the frustration of spending hours in a system.
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Value to Owner Clients and Contractors

The +Site Tracker package gives contractors access to SafetyPlusWeb™, the best safety management software platform on the market. Contractors gain real value from the use of SafetyPlusWeb™ complete with online training, certification tracking, safety meetings, and much more.Learn more…

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Empower Your Contractors

Most contractor qualification systems are a burden to contractors; they cost too much, are cumbersome to use, and ultimately, are just another item on the to-do list for the busy contractor. Safety Plus aims to change that narrative with the SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ + SiteTracker package, which arms every contractor with SafetyPlusWeb™, a comprehensive safety management software platform.

Training Library

The SafetyPlusWeb™ Training Library comes pre-loaded with 70+ videos and the ability to add your own content for Contractors to stream from anywhere.

Mobile Audits

Require contractors to conduct safety audits of their work areas to ensure they are keeping their workspaces safe and clean. Customize the audit checklists to your needs, review submissions, and analyze leading indicators.

Safety Meetings

Contractor sign off on topics to ensure safety stays at the forefront of every employee’s mind. Capture contractor employee electronic signatures using the SafetyPlusWeb™ Safety Meetings module.

The +Site Tracker Difference

Beyond empowering your contractors with SafetyPlusWeb™, the +Site Tracker package allows you to vet not just Contracting Companies, but each individual worker that enters your site.

Qualified to enter?

Set up minimum requirements (ie, Site orientation, drug test, background check) and only allow those with up-to-date qualifications to enter

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Qualified to perform?

With Contractor access to SafetyPlusWeb™ Training Library and Requirements Tracking, you can spot check anyone performing a hazardous task to verify they have up-to-date qualifications

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Who's on the jobsite?

With all Contractor employees badging in and out each day, you can pull reports for employee time and/or Contractor time spent on the jobsite

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“Safety Plus is very accommodating when trying to contractors on site. They work with our contractors to get them in and out of training efficiently and hassle free.”
Bryant Turberville
Evonik Industries, Contractor/ERT Coordinator
“Due to an emergency, we lost a site safety person. Safety Plus came through in our time of need and had a qualified professional on our site within 48 hours. As a result, we were able to save money while keeping production going.”
Bradley Marecek
Construction Safety Manager, Cargill Protein Group