Contractor Friendly

The SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ Questionnaire interface is easy to navigate, allowing contractors to quickly answer questions, upload documentation, and verify safety information in one sitting.

Progress Tracker

Follow the red dots! It really is that simple! Contractors will be given a login and their dashboard will help them easily navigate the contractor questionnaire, document uploads, and site-specific questions.

Competitive Advantage

Safety Plus has been in the safety industry for nearly 30 years, managing the safety operations for hundreds of customers across the country. For decades, we have had to work through the cumbersome processes of Contractor Qualification legacy systems. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we have used that knowledge to make a better system.

Easy Document Upload

Contractors can easily upload OSHA Logs, Certificates of Insurance, safety policies and any other documents to help owner’s or facilities evaluate contractors’ historical safety records and potential liability issues.

Automated Review

Upon your CQ implementation, we will identify the “correct” answers to your Contractor Questionnaires. This will help you immediately weed out unqualified contractors, award work to acceptable partners, and manage exceptions when needed.

Customer Support

The contractor qualification process is simple. But some contractors are spread thin. We understand that more than anyone and offer unparalleled customer support to help your contractors navigate the qualification process.


Set up your SafetyPlusWeb™ CQ profile to automatically notify approved, rejected, and conditionally approved contractors. Request additional information when needed and manage job start dates with the CQ Notifications Panel.

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