Our Story

Our foray into technology and software was not conventional. There were no programmers developing apps, no million-dollar investments from venture capitalists, and no new age offices in Silicon Valley. Rather, we began developing software for one reason – we needed it for our own use.

Safety Plus Inc. has been in business since 1991. Based in Mobile, Alabama, our company has been providing high quality safety management and loss control services as well as consulting for local businesses for over 25 years. While the company started out small and local, we have grown and now manage safety for companies around the country. Keeping tens of thousands of workers safe and hundreds of companies compliant is no small responsibility, and in 2011 we reached a point where we could no longer continue to use Excel spreadsheets and filing cabinets to run our business.

We felt that there had to be a more efficient way to operate, and that the answer must be in software. There was just one problem: we could not find any program that did everything we needed it to do. We looked at them all, and found that they were primarily empty databases that had price tags well over the six-figure mark. Disappointed but determined, we decided to launch the development of our own system, and in mid 2012, SafetyPlusWeb™ was born.

This revolutionary new cloud-based software system changed the way we were able to operate, and in October of 2013, after perfecting the system, we decided that it should be made available to the public. There was one major question though – how much should we charge for it? Our mission is to empower small and mid-sized business to protect their human capital, and with that in mind (and with the fact that we had used company profits instead of debt to fund software development) we decided to price the system at about 75-90% off of what competitors charge. You can see the price for yourself on our pricing page. Today there are hundreds of companies using SafetyPlusWeb™ to better manage their loss control activities, and we hope you will be the next! Follow this link to request a free product demonstration.

Team Spotlight

“Having worked as a safety professional for over 25 years, there was no one better to lead the development of SafetyPlusWeb™ than Rob. Using his intricate knowledge of safety and industry, Rob designed the software to solve the problems you face every day.”

Rob Cowden | 
Chief Innovation Officer, Safety Plus Inc.